Saf Express

SAF Express is a health-conscious ready-to-eat food line that includes a unique range of salads, wraps, crisps and crackers with a wide selection of wheat and sugar-free desserts. Whether you need a quick lunch on-the-go or a simple snack ‘SAF to-go’ products will give you the most delightful and beneficial options.

SAF Express not only produces best ready-to-eat environmentally conscious wholesome food, but also develops the most balanced beneficial snacks and products in its lab-kitchen.

We search for the utmost quality using prime ingredients at their peak, preparing our own non-dairy cheeses, creams & ice creams; gluten-free crisps & crackers from scratch at our research lab-kitchen of SAF Express. We aim to offering a plethora of interesting flavours and textures with our innovative recipes serving a totally vegan cuisine without being boring and bland.